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Living Green; our daily efforts

Living Green is a mindset that is as unique to each person as their fingerprints. We all can develop ways to be more green that are important to us and achievable. The best approach to starting a green lifestyle is to start small, with one or two things that really touch you. Every person can make a difference, and it doesn't matter if it seems small. There are other people who are making their own efforts. If we all understand the problems, and make some simple changes, we can collectively have a positive impact on our space.

There is a grass-roots movement toward living simply in which people make purchases based on a definitive set of criteria something to the effect of,

  • Buy previously owned products as much as possible.
  • Figure out the ways you can conserve energy, such as keeping lights turned off and even removing bulbs from some fixtures; driving fuel efficient cars and even taking public transportation, or better yet walking; turn off the furnace as early in the year as possible and on again as late as possible.
  • Buy local products, organic if possible. This not only supports your local economy and family farmers, but also keeps energy consumption down since products don't need to be trucked in.
  • Tell your friends what you're doing and why.

Why do people want to create simpler lives? We want to feel like our environment is balanced and healthy. Many people don't feel healthy. They're trying to find ways to change their physical condition by joining a gym, buying organic foods and reducing stress. Some people instinctively feel that they are victims. Of what? Ourselves mostly. Certainly of things like credit traps, work-place culture, keeping-up mentalities...

Many people don't even really know what a simpler life means for them. Certainly it means different things to different people. This site isn't about telling you the way you should live. We believe it takes many sorts of personalities to keep the world functioning properly. Diversity is everything.

The power of using your dollars for influence:
One of the biggest ways we can change our environment is by using the 'political clout' of our money when making purchases of any kind. Where you spend your money and on what products influences the sustenance of that company or product. When you make purchase, if at all possible try to shop at a locally owned and operated business. For example, instead of shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, locate a local merchant with whom you can build a good relationship. It may take a little looking around to find one you like, but you will be keeping your money in your community. Try also to purchase locally produced products rather than something trucked in to your town or city. If you can get local products, again, you'll be keeping your community alive by supporting local artisans, farmers, craftspeople or manufacturers. The idea is to try to keep as much of your money in your community as is practical for you.

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