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Reducing waste by consuming less

Here are the things we do in our physical environment at home and at work to make a difference.

  • Turn off unused lights and keep them off unless required. We use natural lighting if possible.
  • Turn off the furnace as early in the year as possible and back on as late as possible. We also have programmable thermostats.
  • Don't use Air Conditioning, (if you must, save the condensation and use it to water plants or the garden.)
  • Telecommute (work at home).
  • When shopping (for food) every day, walk to the store and take a canvas shopping bag for purchases.
  • Do major shopping once a month and be organized (to avoid having to run down to pick something up)
  • Buy seasonal produce ideally from local farms sold at locally owned businesses. Many communities have farmers markets on one or two day each week. Find out where one near you is held. See our locavore page. If not available, buy organic from any grocery store.
  • Replace digital clocks with mechanical, wind-up ones.
  • Practice recycling of all paper, plastic, metal and yard waste. If you have a large garden area, composting food waste is a very green idea.

The world's resources are limited so anything you can think of to avoid consuming them is to the good. You don't need to do it all. Pick one or two or more things you think will be easy. If it's easy, you're likely to be successful. You can always do more as the desire and opportunity arises.

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